Echo Beach :: Seafood Resturant on the Beach :: Live band :: DJ :: Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali

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BBQ Fish

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The barbecue at the Beach House is second to none. With fresh fish, imported lobsters, Jimbaran King Prawns, Australian Sirloin Steaks, New Zealand Beef Fillets and sizzling racks of ribs. Complementary salad bar, supported with Organic greens from Bedugul.

BBQ on the Beach


No Happy Hour, Just Happy Endings.


Includes : Organic Salad or Yellow Rice or Potato
Scallop Rp. 50,000/100 gm
Local Clam Rp. 50,000/500 gm
Chicken Wings Rp. 50,000/3 pcs
Canggu Pepes Rp. 50,000 /pcs
Vegetable Kebab Rp. 60,000 1/pcs
Fish Kebab Rp. 60,000/2 pcs
Pork Kebab Rp. 75,000/pcs
Pork Ribs Rp. 75,000/2 pcs
Monster Ribs Rp. 175,000/portion
Pork Chop Rp. 55,000/1 pcs
Australian Lamb Chop Rp. 70,000/1 pcs
Chicken Tandoori Rp. 60,000/pcs
Chorizo Rp. 65,000/pcs
Chicken Leg Rp. 65,000/pcs
Tuna, Mahi - Mahi, Snapper Fillet, Butterfish Rp. 80,000/pcs


Rp. 85,000/pcs
Whole Snapper Red/White Rp. 85,000/pcs
Jimbaran Prawn Rp. 65,000/100 gm
Calamari Rp. 75,000/pcs
Imported Lobster Market Price
Seafood Kebab Rp. 105,000/pcs
Seafood Platter for one Rp. 95,000/portion
Seafood Platter for two Rp. 152,000/portion
Australian Beef Fillet Steak Rp. 150,000/pcs
New Zealand Sirloin Steak Rp. 150,000/pcs
Chicken Kebab Rp. 75,000/pcs
Mixed Kebab Rp. 95,000/pcs
Beef Tandori Rp. 80,000/pcs
Echo Beach Sate (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Prawn, Calamari & Lamb Sate) Rp. 275,000/25pcs
King Prawn Rp. 70,000/100gr